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All files must be submitted as a PDF in CMYK format, except for 1 and 2 color letterhead and envelopes. Any files not submitted in CMYK format may color shift when processed. We will not be held responsible for any color shifts that occur in conversions from RGB to CMYK or PMS (Pantone Colors) to CMYK color modes.

A minimum resolution of 275 DPI is required for all raster art and images. Artwork, designs and images submitted with a lower resolution than 275 DPI may not print as sharp and clean as desired. We are not responsible for images printed fuzzy, distorted or pixilated due to customer provided artwork or for any color shift in converted photographs (RGB images) with black, near black or gray tones. Color shifts from a perceived black or gray must be addressed prior to file submission. Proofs do not guarantee black, near black or gray final output.

We strongly suggest that all items except for background images be at least 1/8" from the trim line. Text or graphics falling closer than 1/8" to the trim line may be cut off.

If customer supplied artwork requires technical or design re-work, additional charges will apply. If you elect to fix the files yourself to avoid these charges, our template(s) must be used to re-submit the file(s).

Note: PDF Copy proofs are generated within 24 hours of the time and date of art file online upload submission for all "print ready" art files submitted. Weekends and Holidays are not considered part of the 24 hour proof turnaround time period.

Please Note: If you require a PDF Copy Proof there will be a $5.00 Service Charge per PDF page.

Important Art Submission Details
Graphic Guidelines
All Sales Prices are for "Print Ready" files, if you require Design Services, you will inquire a Design Service Fee.

If you need any additional assistance in regards to Graphic Guidelines or need more information regarding graphics, please contact us.