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Perfect for all of your Yard Signs, Parking Signs, Business Displays, School Displays, Architectural Models, and Bulletins. Corrugated Plastic Boards are composed of two plastic faces with hollow "flutes" in between to aid in sign strength and rigidity. Easy to order and just as easy to install, these boards require little to no maintenance.

We also offer the ability to print on 1 or 2 sides, effectively getting you double the exposure! Printing at 1080 DPI, our Vutek QS 3220 digital printer will print vibrant, full color images to create the depth and clarity you need to promote your business.  We offer sizes ranging from 12" x 16" to 48" x 72", including everything in between.

Please note: Boards under 48" utilize vertical flutes to allow H-Stakes and Beefy Stakes™ to be inserted into the bottom of the sign. On boards over 48" (not compatible with H-Stakes or Beefy Stakes), flutes run parallel to the longer side of the board to increase durability and wind resistance.

Bright White Corrugated Plastic - An extruded 4mm copolymer polypropylene board with a fluted core and semi-gloss surface. Our boards are Corona treated to improve adhesion and print quality; making them best quality in the industry.

Product Options:

Grommets - Grommets are reinforced metal holes in each corner. You can use nails, screws, strings, ropes, or bungee cords for hanging. We use 3/8" grommets until 15 square feet. From 15 square feet and above we use 1/2" grommets.

H-Stakes - CORRUGATED PLASTIC ONLY - These stakes are 30" tall and will keep your sign roughly 14" off the ground. Sometimes labeled as a "step stake", the bottom rung is more for support than a step but will assist in getting the stake into the ground if needed. Not compatible with boards over 48".

Beefy Stakes™ - CORRUGATED PLASTIC ONLY - Beefy stakes are 2 separate "poles" or "stakes" for you, to place as close or far apart as needed, to support a variety of larger sign sizes. The stakes have a "dimple" at the top to help hold your sign safely and securely. These stakes are 26" tall and will support your sign roughly 10" from the ground. Not compatible with boards over 48"
Corrugated Plastic Boards

Corrugated Plastic Boards

Made to Withstand the Elements!
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