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Out of sight, is out of mind!

Help stay in touch and in front of your clients with high fidelity, four color (full color) printed bulletins and inserts. Bulletins and inserts are an affordable alternative for promoting new business and creating new opportunities.

With various custom cutting, shrink wrapping and folding options, we give you the options other printers can't. We also offer matching envelopes!


Bulletins and inserts attract attention. More attention generates more sales. More sales generate more profits. More profits are always welcome!

Quantities offered from 250 to 100,000!

Product Standards

  * Standard Sizes include 5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14"and 11" x 17"  (flat sizes)
   * 4 stocks to choose from including 60 and 70 lb. Recycled Opaque Smooth, 60 and 70 lb. Standard Opaque Smooth and 70 lb. Premium Linen Text paper stocks
    * Select 4/0 (full color front, blank back), 4/1 (full color front, Black back) or 4/4 (full color front, full color back)
   * No Coating – Front or Back

Product Options

       * Folding Options - Choose flat (standard) or folded with the following folding options:
         o Bi-fold
         o Tri-Fold

   * Shrink Wrapping – Shrink wrap in 25, 50 or 100 piece bundles for easily measured distribution, moisture protection and protection from dog eared corners while in storage, brief cases, car trunks or when mailed. 
Bulletins & Inserts

Full Color & Superior Print Quality! 
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