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Full Color & High Fidelity!
Make your mark with a full color Bookmark!

Do you belong to a team, club, group, affiliation or organization? Now you can effectively advertise and promote your cause with a high fidelity Bookmark.

Bookmarks are great for trade show handouts, book fairs, book shops, school events, college promotions, church groups, social gatherings and other events. They offer a unique way to get noticed at the turn of every book, catalog or magazine page.

UV coating, one hole drilling, round cornering and shrink wrapping are options you can take advantage of for specific uses!

Bookmark quantities offered from 250 to 100,000!

Product Standards:

  * Standard Bookmark sizes: 1.5" x 7”, 2" x 8" and 5.5" x 2.125"
    * 14 pt. C1S (card stock – coated on one side - for 4/0, 4/1 or 4/4) and 14 pt. C2S (card stock – coated on both sides - for 4/0, 4/1, or 4/4) and 14 pt. Premium Linen Cover stock - on both sides - for 4/0, 4/1 and 4/4).
    * Aqueous Gloss Coating standard on front (4/0, 4/1) and front and back (4/4). Bookmarks are uncoated on back for 4/0 and 4/1. Note: 14 pt. C2S also offers a Matte/Dull finish option. 14 pt. Premium Linen (Uncoated) does not offer any applied aqueous coating option.  Its standard is uncoated on both sides regardless of color.

Product Options:

   * UV Gloss Coating - Choose optional UV Gloss Coating for front or front and back.  UV coating is not available on 14 pt. Premium Linen Cover stocks.
   * Aqueous Matte Coating – 14 pt. C2S has a new option of Aqueous Matte Coating in addition to the already available Aqueous Gloss and High Gloss UV Coating options. Aqueous Matte Coating is both pen & pencil receptive and adds a luxurious look and feel to any bookmark.
  * Round Cornering – Choose to have all 4 corners rounded.
   * Drilling – Choose a one hole (1/8") drilling option to easily turn a bookmark into a product tag!

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